zaterdag 31 oktober 2009

Craft Stamper December 2009

We zijn trots te mogen vermelden dat Jo Capper, 1 van onze designteamleden, de cover van de Craft Stamper heeft gehaald en wel met een kaart met onze prachtige Art Journey sheet Noel!! Gefeliciteerd Jo!!
Je kunt de Craft Stamper via de site voorbestellen, het zal volgende week binnenkomen en dat sturen we hat z.s.m. aan je af.

We are proud to announce that Jo Capper, one of our designteammembers has been published on the cover of the Craft Stamper December 2009. Jo made a great card with our wonderful sheet Noel. Congratulations Jo!!

5 opmerkingen:

Jo Capper-Sandon zei

Thankyou very much Louise.
I'm really pleased that the card was chosen for the cover. Its such a beautiful stamp image though, you can't fail when you use it, can you.
I'm looking forward to getting the magazine, it looks a good issue. I hope you like the other Art Journey items in the article too.
x Jo

Anoniem zei

well done Jo...cant wait to see the article x

Jetty zei


Godelieve zei

Congratulations Jo!!

Shell zei

Hi! just passing by and found your blog, I was looking at the web site at the time. I wanted to say that I have got my Magazine and also the set of stamps which came last week. I am sooooooo pleased they are beautiful and I am lucky that my friend sent for them for herself and got me a set also.I work in a small but very busy craft shop here in the UK and love my job. Congrats and best wishes.keep up the good work! :)