maandag 13 april 2009

And the winners are......

At the last ARTSpecially Event we had a challenge for the Art Journey Mailinglist Members. Every mailinglistmember that wanted to participate had to make something that stated that they were an Art Journey mailinglistmember. This had to be big enough for the mysterieguests to notice and to take a picture of.
The Art Journey Team has been given the difficult task to judge all the pictures and here are the three winning members. If you want to see closeups and all the other pictures, please go to my site and enjoy!

The first prize is for the lovely house tag above made by Christa Perdok. The jurymembers were very impressed with the good use of the Art Journey stamps and loved the colours and the whole presentation. Christa congratulations with your coupon worth 100 euro's.The second prize: a coupon worth 50 euro's is for Mariette van Leeuwen and Bianca van Noort in the beautiful T-shirts. The jurymembers loved the use of the ART stamp. A stamp that was a present on an ealier ARTSpecially Event. Also they noticed the good interpretation of the Art Journey logo and the stamping on fabric was a plus also. Ladies congratulations! You will have to split your prize though. And the third prize is for Herma Fichte. Although she didn't use any Art Journey stamps, the members of the jury thought that she did a wonderfull job on the bag so they rewarded her with the third place. Herma will recieve a coupon of 25 euro's to spend at Art Journey.

Thanks to everybody who participated and thanks for all your work. Somebody had to win, but I appreciate each and every one of you!

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Linda zei

WOOHOO! congratulations to the winners. Especially the first prize winner: Christa Perdok! my creative friend and colleague. She really deserves a suprise! We told her she would win but she didn't believe us. Now we get to say: WE TOLD YOU SO!

christa perdok zei

Je bent me voor , ik ben nog ff in shock dank je wel allemaal IK BEN DE WINNAAR!!!!!

groetjes christa

Mariette van Leeuwen zei

Joepie, en ik ben samen met mijn vriendin Bianca tweede geworden! Wat gaaf !!